Kinsmen Ride for a Lifetime 2018
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Goal $5,000.00


My first ride 7 years ago was the year after I lost my son Grant to Cancer. We have raised over $100,000 every year every year and with your help, we can make a difference in kids lives who are suffering. Please Give Generously!

Riders pay their own way, so every dollar contributed goes to Kids Cancer Care. Thank you for your support!



  • Trish (about 5 months ago)

    Have a safe ride

  • Alan (about 5 months ago)

    Keep it on the road!!

  • Family (about 5 months ago)

    Go Jim go!! Ride safe, we love you :)

  • Nicholas F. R. (about 5 months ago)

    Keep riding!

  • Crescent (about 5 months ago)

    Employee Donation - Rick Kiefer

  • Jim (about 5 months ago)

    Have fun Jim!

  • Karen (about 5 months ago)

    Stay safe and thanks for all that you do.

  • Rosalie (about 5 months ago)

    Good luck Ride safe for Grant

  • Kim (about 5 months ago)

    Our thoughts are with you Bud.

  • Apryl (about 5 months ago)

    Safe trip!!

  • Thomas (about 6 months ago)

    Thinking of Grant. Have a safe ride!

  • Donna (about 6 months ago)

    have a safe ride Jim!

  • brent (about 6 months ago)

    Thinking of you and your family Jim.

  • Ralph (about 6 months ago)

    Glad to contribute, James. And great seeing you last summer. Hope you have a great ride this year!

  • Andre (about 7 months ago)

    Good luck Jim

  • Patti (about 7 months ago)

    Thanks, Jim to you and everyone for riding for such a wonderful cause.???

  • Garry (about 7 months ago)

    Member of North Hill Lions

  • Sheree (about 7 months ago)

    Have fun ride safe

  • Anonymous (about 7 months ago)

    Go Jim Go,

  • Herb (about 8 months ago)

    Good luck Jim. Ride Safe!!

  • Glenn (about 8 months ago)

    Happy to support a cause that means so much to you my friend!

  • BLAINE (about 8 months ago)

    From a Calgary North Hill Lions Member

  • Stewart & Susan (about 8 months ago)

    You will be in our thoughts! Have a good ride Jim!

  • ian (about 8 months ago)

    All the best Jim - keep up the great work.

  • Susan (about 8 months ago)

    In memory of the Amazing Grant and the absolutely wonderful Skalk family!

  • Shelagh (about 8 months ago)

    Ride like the wind Jim! I know Grant will be close to your heart as you ride.

  • Jason (about 8 months ago)

    Have a great ride Jim.

  • Blake (about 8 months ago)

    Keep riding Jim .....

  • Rosemary (about 8 months ago)

    Our best wishes Jim and family. We will be thinking of you as you ride for your son Grant.

  • Jonathan (about 8 months ago)

    You're amazing Jim, proud to know you.

  • Karen (about 8 months ago)


  • Jerry (about 8 months ago)

    Happy to support this.

  • Scott (about 8 months ago)

    Okay Jim - i am in - no gymnastics this time though right ?

  • Andrew (about 9 months ago)

    Have a safe ride Jim! Good for you carrying on this for Grant! You are a good man!

  • Ron (about 9 months ago)

    Cheers to you and the family Jim

  • Brett (about 9 months ago)

    Always happy to support such a great cause that hits so close to home.

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What: Kinsmen Ride for a Lifetime 2018
When: Friday June 22, 2018 at 12:00 AM

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