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This is my 9th year joining this group of riders. Every year we have had challenges, fun and made tons of incredible memories. This also means it has been almost 9 years since my son Grant passed away. 

Our results from the ride have been outstanding and every dollar we raise through our donations goes to Kid Cancer Care. For anyone who has been faced with  the horrible news that their child has cancer, the folks at Kids Cancer Care are there to help you through and give you hope. 

Thank you to all my supporters!


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Donations and Comments

  • Bryce

    about 5 months ago

    Day by day

  • Sherry

    about 5 months ago

    Have you bought a side car for Mel to ride in yet?

  • Patti

    about 6 months ago

    You can do a

  • Herb

    about 7 months ago

    Best of luck Jim. I hope all goes well. Stay safe.

  • Brett

    about 8 months ago

    Always happy to support this great cause. Safe riding Jim!


    about 8 months ago

    Hope the ride is as successful as it was last year. May you surpass your previous year's donations.

  • Brent

    about 8 months ago

    Have a great ride Jim!

  • Christa

    about 9 months ago

    Yeah Jim! One of the best families I have have ever had the honor of knowing. Wish I had never met you, but when I had to I was glad it was you.

  • Anonymous

    about 9 months ago


  • Jerry

    about 9 months ago

    Hope you have a great ride!

  • Scott

    about 9 months ago

    Enjoy the trip - sent your info to Rick so expect something from him.

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Kinsmen Ride for a Lifetime 2020
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